Tragedy in it’s best form

New things are progressing as my past starts to fade and my future is just 1 step away but the past has many fates and thus far the ones I’ve chosen have been full of darkness and despair. The future holds so many things and as I decide my fate parts of my old life start to fade away. As I close my eyes, images of that summer appear and I realize how the past was full of hate, pain, death, loneliness and fear of the events later to come that the blinded eyes shielding me from forgetting the past. In silence, I lay alone in my bed wondering how my life ended up this way, yet I think of that day I made it all fade away but that day has long passed and my revelation will come. On this day I will finally know the meaning redemption and forgive myself or at least cope with all the lies and shades of the truth that I have been thorough. Life is the result of death but death is the beginning of the end but the revelation comes before the Grimm Reaper asks to take your head.

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